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TITLE: Fall Into Forever
AUTHOR: Beth Hyland
AGE GROUP: New Adult
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: March 10, 2014
PAGES: Approx. 244

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RATING: 4 of 5 Stars!
HEA: Yes

Some girls may find guys like Jon exciting and charming. Some are even naive enough to want to date them. But guys like him can harbor dark, dangerous secrets. Secrets you don’t want to know or be involved in. How do you think they got this way in the first place? It’s best to follow your head and stay as far away from them as possible.
Trust me when I say this: Guys like Jon Priestly are nothing but trouble.

Ivy McAllister had it all. Perfect boyfriend. Perfect life. Perfect future. Or so they tell her. Because one night, on a dark country road, a fiery crash changed everything…and Ivy can’t remember what happened.

Now, two years later, at a new college far from home, she tries to regain control of her life, but her plans don’t include a tattooed, motorcycle-riding, indie music-obsessed guy with his own sorority girl fan club.

Jon Priestly is the hottest guy at Pacific State University. Just ask his groupies. But with a dark past he must keep hidden, he shuts himself off emotionally and trusts no one. That is…until he meets a broken girl with haunting green eyes and secrets of her own.

Ivy shouldn’t be attracted to Jon. They’re wrong for each other in every possible way. Yet as they spend time together, something about him—everything about him—feels so right.

But when threats from her past make her question what little she does remember, Ivy must decide whether to run again or trust the one person she can’t live without.

REVIEWERS NOTE: I received this eARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

4 Incredible, Ivy On The Roof Stars!
A Wonderful Tale of New Love and All It’s Possibilities with Lots of Smiles and Plenty of Angsts In Between! 

The Review: 
This book was an amazing read! From the very first page, I was instantly sucked in with our main characters first meet, reading the entire night through to the exciting conclusion. I loved both the hero and heroine and the story was sweet and cute with just enough angst to keep me turning the pages. I'm a huge fan of the New Adult genre and this book is a perfect example of that genre.

Fall Into Forever starts out with our heroine, Ivy McAllister attending college away from home. She’s out with her roommate at a party, waiting in line to get in, when a fight breaks out between two guys, one of which instantly captures her eye with his good looks and strong personality. But we sense right away that Ivy is a bit broken and has secrets as she swears no matter how striking Jon Priestly is, she’s not going to get involved with a guy like that, a bad boy with good looks and tows a grey line. Ivy’s past is a haunting memory that's buried deep within her, one thats out of her grasp as she can’t recall the events of the tragic night that changed everything for her. She’s got secrets and a past she’s running from but she’s also strong and a true survivor. I loved Ivy’s character. She was sad but she was also fun and had a light in her that really shined.

Jon Priestly has a well founded reputation. He has a sketchy past himself, titling him a hot, tatted up bad boy. He’s easy to look at, he’s charming, he’s a bit of a celebrity on campus and his personality just draws you right in, especially if you're of the female variety. He seems to have it all. But Jon’s got secrets of his own and he’s lived a hard life that’s taken him to some dark places... but he’s not a dark character. He has a light and fun personality for the most part and though some of it was a mask he rarely lowered, Ivy breaks through to the real Jon and the more we see of him, the more his reputation is contradicted and it was fun to sift through his many layers.

When these two collide, spark are instant but both are reserved. I loved how they originally met and the following scenes are fun and exciting. Their story isn’t the insta-love I'm tired of reading in so many stories out there, but rather a slow, draw-me-in romance that’s beautiful as they find out who they are as individuals as well as who they can be with each other. There’s plenty of angst as Ivy tries to remember the night that haunts her, she’s also being harassed by cyber bullies and she shy’s away from anything that might break down her walls. Jon’s secrets come exploding to the surface after years of keeping them buried and it causes some serious brooding moments which were heart-wrenching and kept me glued to my ereader.

Wish List...
There were some things in this books that kept me from giving it a full five stars. There’s an incident with a girl being attacked that Ivy happens upon and though the scenes added a bit of heroism to Ivy’s character and gave some intense moments as well as sweet moments when Jon takes on the protector role, it didn’t lead to anything. I kind of expected it to coincide with Ivy’s stalker issues but it didn’t. In fact, when all this came to a head, the big build up to Ivy’s stalker kind of fell flat. 

But I will say one thing, I loved how the author handled the situation with Jon and what he said and how he acted when the confrontation with Ivys stalker happened. Though not overly dramatic, it was mature and made Jon even more swoon-worthy without him having to flex his muscles. I actually loved that part. 

The Wrap Up: 
This was a well rounded, sweet, fun, exciting read. I loved the story, I loved the characters and it was well written. Fall Into Forever was Beth Hyland’s debut novel and it was a wonderful start to what I'm sure will be a fantastic career. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for more works by her.

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Favorite Quotes:
 Beth shares her favorite quotes from Fall Into Forever, and explains why they’re special to her.

Like I said before, I’m no angel. Maybe that’s why I can easily spot an asshole.
~ Takes one to know one, right? I love Jon’s honesty.

“Thank you for…for wanting to beat the shit out of someone for me. That’s really…sweet of you.” 
~ I love how Ivy is struck by the irony of the situation. 

Keep calm. Act normal. He’s just a guy.
~ How many times have you been around a really good-looking guy and thought this? *swoon*

Ivy says: “I don’t believe in fate. If I did, I wouldn’t be here. Fate, if you can call it that, is what we make ourselves through our own actions.” 
~ Like Jon, I am a huge Terminator fan. I’ve seen all of the movies multiple times and can quote lines. While flipping through the channels, I saw T2 was on and started watching (even though I own the movies, I never pass up watching it when it’s on TV). I got shivers when it came to the part that Ivy semi-quotes. I’d totally forgotten it. So I rewrote the scene, adding the movie reference. Also, that’s when I knew there’d be a part later where they’d watch it together. It was fate. ;-)

It’s as if I’ve been thirsty all my life but didn’t know it, and now I finally have water.
~ This marks a pivotal moment for Jon, because it’s when he stops denying that he has feelings for Ivy. Soon after this is the first love scene…and it’s hot.

She’s holding my face so that I’m forced to look at her without turning away. “You’re a good person, Jon Priestly. And if your dad is so self-centered and self-absorbed that he can’t or won’t be bothered to see the kind of son he’s fathered, then I’m incredibly sad for him. One day, he’s going to die. And you know what? He’ll never have known how much better his life would’ve been had you been a part of it.” 
~ Reading this makes me teary again. Imagine how you would feel if your father rejected you, making you believe you were a mistake and should never have been born…and then someone tells you this.

I nestle in closer until my body is pressed to his, our contours matching. He feels like a man should feel. Strong, but respectful of those who aren’t. Protective, but not smothering. And capable of so much good. His hand slips over my hip to rest on the bare skin of my belly. His lips are in my hair. I shift slightly and… There. I feel his erection against my butt. A thrill skitters along my spine, then outward to my fingers and toes. Our contours don’t quite match anymore.
~ Mmmm Not sure this needs further explanation why I love this. It’s the perfect definition of a real man. 

What is it about Ivy that hits all the right notes with me? She makes me laugh, makes me feel good about myself, and I’m not just saying that because she has my dick in her mouth right now. She has this amazing ability to drive away the darkness that has always been a part of my life.
~Aw, he’s having deep thoughts as he’s getting a blowjob. Isn’t that sweet? ;-)

I need this. 
I need Ivy. 
She’s mine. 
~ I love a man who’s a little possessive.

I grab her hand and lead her out of the mud. Zombies are waiting for us, but they leave us alone when they see our flags are gone. We’re one of them now.
“I always knew you were too perfect to be completely human,” I tell her.
“And I always knew there was something wild inside you.”
~ See how I’ve managed to work zombies into a book that’s not paranormal or post-apocalyptic? 

About the Author...

Beth Hyland is the author of FALL INTO FOREVER, a contemporary New Adult romance coming out March 10.

A friendly Seattle girl who loves books, believes in happily ever after, and has a closet addiction to YouTube makeup tutorial videos, she married her college sweetheart and has two awesome kids.

She used to work in the tech field but prefers writing books. She also used to sell wedding dresses and cigarettes, despite the fact that she wore her mother’s dress when she got married and she’s never smoked.

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