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REVIEW - A Dangerous Diva (The Cathouse Series Book #4) by Matthew Kadish:

Title: A Dangerous Diva
Series: The Cathouse Series
Series Placement: #4
Author: Matthew Kadish
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Suspense, Thriller, Romance
Release Date: November 21, 2013
Published by: Privateer Press
Format: eBook and Paperback
Pages: 432
Cover Designed by: Author

Copy Provided by: Author
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Book Blurb:
The United States is under attack. New York has been bombed. Washington D.C. has been assaulted. And now, a major American city has been targeted for a nuclear strike which could hit at any time. 

The mysterious terrorist organization, Al Jabbar, is trying to destroy America with the help of the evil mastermind Shahryar. And the only person with any hope of stopping them before they can bring their master plan of destruction to fruition is the least likely candidate - Blaire Reese, a CIA trained prostitute. 

Blaire has been disgraced, suspended from the CIA, and kidnapped by her rival, Sabrina Scott. She is being held prisoner at Shahryar's compound in Dubai. But Shahryar has plans for Blaire, plans which may be vital to bringing the United States to its knees. 

As Blaire struggles to overcome Shahryar's brainwashing, she comes to the horrifying conclusion that the only way to stop Sabrina and save her country is to give in, accept Shahryar's teachings, and use them to turn the tables on the enemy. This is no longer a game of seduction - it is a game of global manipulation, played on a level usually reserved for kings and presidents. If she hopes to save the day, Blaire must become a master manipulator the likes of which the world has never seen - but can she do so without becoming a villain herself? 

The clock is ticking. The enemy is about to strike. Millions of lives hang in the balance. When the chips are down, and all appears to be lost, Blaire is going to have to find strength she never knew she had. She's going to have to become smarter, more ruthless, and more daring than anyone - including her nemesis Shahryar - ever expected her to be. 

And she's going to show the world exactly what a Dangerous Diva is capable of. 

Book 4 of the Cathouse Series is a shocking, entertaining, and sexually-fueled spy thriller unlike any readers have ever before experienced. Discover the twists that occur after the events of A Professional Bitch, and witness the power of a Dangerous Diva.

Reviewers Note: I received this eARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

5 Explosive, Unstoppable Stars!
The DIVA’s Are Back, Kicking Some Terrorist Ass All The While Looking Fabulous In Haute-Couture! 

The Review: 
First, I'm so pleased to have been included in the beta read for this one, so thank you Matthew Kadish for letting me participate!

Now... I can’t encourage you enough to read this series. This author's unique voice, along with his ingenious plots, exotic and thrilling stories, sensational and dazzling characters, and his fantastically smart sense of humor, will definitely keep you entertained, on the edge of your seat and questioning every event as it unfolds.

In this book, there’s explosions, shootouts, bloody milk baths, deranged extremists, lots of suspense and one crazy-intense speeding train rooftop fight scene along with some swoon-worthy, hot super spy DIVA’s and lots and lots of fun! 

The gang is back for this final installment in The Cathouse Series and their mission is to protect the world from an insidious terrorist organization determined to destroy, then restructure the world to their own way of thinking. And like one exciting and adventurous movie, this book is filled with intense and dramatic moments, crazy fight scene, nail biting shootouts and of course a bit of romance thrown in to round things out, all mixed with this authors special brand of humor to create a wonderfully written and realistic conclusion to a series that will have you sweating bullets one moment and laughing out loud the next. 

Blaire is once again in the thick of it as she’s taken to the enemy stronghold in Dubai and Shahryar is unveiled. Shockingly enough, its someone you never really expect but in hindsight, were given enough clues to piece it together if you paid close attention. I obviously didn’t because when the mask came off, I was S.T.U.N.N.E.D! And completely overwhelmed wondering how in All-of-DIVA-Land, Blaire was going to get herself out of this one! And its not just Shahryar she has to worry about. Drummond and Sabrina take center stage to wreak even more havoc on their expired relationship.

Across the globe, Rae, Mark, Hunter and the rest of the Cathouse DIVA’s are hard at work trying to find Blaire and deciphering Shahryar’s plan for world domination! 

The surviving cast is back and ready for action. 

The DIVA’s...
We get several POV’s in this read because there was just so much going on, it couldn’t be told from one character's perspective. First there's the witty Blaire and all her infamous blond comments paired with the adventurous and horrifying turn her story once again takes.

Then there’s is the phenomenal Rae who I just love so much. She’s the bestest bestie and can totally kick some major bad guy ass. She sets out to find her girl when she goes missing and she doesn’t take kindly to the word “No”!

We also get hunky Hunter’s POV who gets a chance to make amends for his betrayal in book three. Enlisted by Rae, who takes the opportunity to bash his handsome face in first, he gets in on the mission to help find Blaire and is brought back into the CIA fold, charged with tracking down the Dark Diva’s and finding out their missions, where he storms through some very intense and exciting scenes.

Then there’s the surprise POV from Peterson who isn’t nearly as big a stick in the mud as he’d have you believe. The author did an incredible job voicing each character separately, giving them their own unique voice and chore to do in the budding war. All these different POV’s just worked flawlessly together as the characters were spread out in different places with different missions.

The Enemy...
Shahryar... has a plan. An evil genius, diabolical plan with so many twists and turns, you won't see them all coming. For every question, Shahryar has a counter question AND an answer. The complete mind-fuck Shahryar does on Blaire will lead the reader to thinking there couldn’t possibly be a way out of all the intensely dark and horrific teachings being bestowed. With the plan in place, there are contingency plans, counter plans and so much insight into human relations, most specifically Blaire’s, you wonder how this beautiful DIVA can think her way out of it all. 

I really love how the author portrayed Shahryar and makes you really question what's right and wrong. Shahryar has an uncanny ability to warp your perception and turn your thinking. I couldn’t see an out for Blaire because of the intricate, multi-layered web Shahryar weaved was just so brilliant! Shahryar has filled the terrorist camp with traumatized victims from around the world and created a vast, dedicated army of followers all vying for their leaders attention, willing to dole out their own death or the death of others just for a bastardized sense of belonging. With a legion of nympholepts who have nothing to lose and a devotion so fierce it's now their new faith, how can you possibly defeat them or the mastermind behind them? 

Thats what Blaire has to figure out... all before its too late and time is definitely running out!

The Wrap Up: 
Book one had a very distinct story. It might not have been to everyone’s taste but it was the opening to a series that, with each book, progressively got more fantastic, more intense, more creative, more dangerous and more explosive! This series has enough romance, plot twists, excitement and sexy time to give every reader something they can sink their teeth into. This is seriously one of the best books I’ve read this year and definitely a terrific ending to a crazy, insane journey that I’ve enjoyed every minute of.

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About the Author...

Matthew Kadish is an independent author and world-recognized evil genius. When he isn't writing or being evil, he enjoys relaxing at the beach and videos of puppies. Much like Scottish cuisine, most of his literary works have been based on dares. He currently lives in Las Vegas and always bets on black, because Westley Snipes has yet to steer him wrong in life. He is the most talented author ever. His mother tells him so every day.
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