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Title: Daring To Wish
Author: Tracey Rogers
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 16, 2013
Published by: Beachwalk Press
Format: Ebook
Pages: Approx. 145

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Book Blurb:
What happens when you dare to wish?

In an effort to regain her independence and break out of her shell, shy Eve Ward writes a daring wish list of all the things she wants to do before her thirtieth birthday. It’s a good thing the list is for her eyes only, because some of the items are pretty risqué. Adrenaline junkie Lucas Riley becomes Eve’s “victim” in a kiss-a-stranger dare, and she thinks he’s perfect for her one-night-with-a-stranger wish.

With Eve, Lucas thinks he’s found the distraction he needs before he has to say goodbye to his bad boy image. When he finds Eve’s sexy wish list, he can’t keep himself from giving into temptation and sneaking a peek, and wish number eight is impossible for him to resist. Being good can wait.

Eve is thrilled when, out of the blue, Lucas offers to take her skydiving. Her sexy stranger has helped her tick so many wishes off her secret list. Her confidence has grown and now she’s having fun both in and out of the bedroom. It seems too good to be it? She can’t shake the niggling suspicion that something’s not quite right.

Content Warning: contains dizzying heights and sensual sex.

Reviewers Note: Daring to Wish is an Adult Contemporary Romance written by Tracey Rogers. I received this eARC from the author in exchange for an honest review through Tasty Book Tours.

4 Daring, Sexy Stars!
A Quick, Fun Filled Read with Steam!

The Review:

This one was definitely entertaining. I love a short, to the point story thats exciting and has great characters. This one certainly did!

A Dare. A Kiss. A One Night Stand. And then Forever!

Eve Ward has six months before her thirtieth birthday. Trying to recoup from a recently failed engagement to a man who hurt her emotionally, Eve is dissatisfied with her shut-in life and makes a pre-thirty bucket list in the hopes to gain back the control and much needed confidence she’s lost. On her list are things such as find a new job, get a new wardrobe, go skydiving and have a one night stand with a stranger. When its all said and done, she wants to be brave, independent and SINGLE. She has a direction. She has a list.

She had a plan.

What she didn’t plan on was Lucas invading her life so completely or the things he could make her feel with just one heated look, let alone one searing touch.

Lucas Riley was looking for an uncomplicated distraction before his thrill seeking, adrenaline junkie life came to a screeching halt to become a stable, suit wielding CEO of his family's business. And he found one when Eve walks right up to him and kisses him solidly one night at a bar on a dare. Unknowingly to Eve, her best friend calls him Rampant Riley as his exploits with women are well known but with just one kiss, he knows Eve is different and he’s instantly intrigued, especially when he finds her pre-thirty bucket list. And after just one night, he knows it won't be nearly enough.

Determined to help her tick off things on the list, Lucas proposes a friendship between the two in the hopes Eve will endear him to her best friend, Grace, who is marrying his best friend, Tom. But the more time they spend together, the more Lucas realizes how special Eve is and Eve recognizes Lucas isn’t the playboy everyone makes him out to be. But Lucas is keeping secrets and Eve is lost in the mistrust of her past. In the end they have to determine what they are willing to fight for.

Eve has major trust issues, as she should. She’s been a “yes” girl all her life, trying to please people for fear of abandonment and after her latest failed relationship, her self esteem is so decimated that she doesn’t know herself or trust herself, so how could she possibly trust someone else?

Lucas has been avoiding real life and distracting himself for so long, he’s kind of lost his way. A failed athletic career sent him off on high adventures and adrenaline filled risks. He has a bit of self discovery of his own to make.

The Wrap Up:
I really enjoyed watching these two find themselves, find their strengths and find their love for one another. This was a sweet, sexy, thrilling little read with a wonderful story and fun characters. I did think the ending was a little sugary, but the characters deserved their HEA and I was excited and happy with the way things turned out.

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     Eve froze mid-turn, halted by his husky command and the tingle radiating from his hand lightly grasping her wrist. She met his gaze and realized how wrong she’d been. He was a million miles away from being uncomplicated. The startling blue of his eyes revealed depths Eve could only imagine drowning in.
     “Did you say…nice?” He leaned closer. “I would say that was a lot better than nice. I’m sure if we tried again we could manage spectacular. Don’t you agree?” he drawled.
     Maybe nice had been the wrong word to choose Eve relented as she noted his husky tone. It was infinitely better than nice. Try amazing! Her breath hitched as she thought of his kiss again. Knowing he enjoyed it too sent a surge of pleasure through her that settled deep within her belly. Obviously she could do some things right.
     If she intended to fulfill her wishes she was going to have to find some confidence from somewhere—and fast! At the moment her confidence seemed to be firmly in the area of her knickers.
     Running and hiding now seemed out of the question. Maybe confidence practice would be the lesser of two evils? She paused before turning to face Mr. Hotness for confidence lesson one.
     “Hmm...” She pretended to consider. “Maybe you’re right. However, as this was a dare I’m afraid it was a one time opportunity,” she added with mock apology. “So I guess we’ll never know.”
     “You kissed me for a dare?” His brow arched.
     Eve nodded. “Uh-huh. My dare was to kiss a stranger.”
     “A dare, huh? I feel so…so violated.” He clutched his free hand to his chest in feigned hurt, although his eyes brimmed with humor and a smile tugged at the corner of his delicious mouth.
     “Don’t be offended. I did actually choose you,” she blurted before forgetting her cool, calm, and confident aim.
     “So you really thought you could violate me then run?”
     “That was my plan, yes,” she said with a confidence she didn’t quite feel, especially as she was distracted by the thumb lightly stroking her wrist.
     “And I didn’t even try to play hard to get. Guess you got lucky.”
     “Or maybe you did,” she countered without thought, mortified as a blush warmed her cheeks at his responding grin.
     He grinned, releasing her hand. “Tell me. Do you like to be dared?”
     Her eyes widened at the loaded question. “I…I find a challenge hard to resist.”
     “Damn good thing I’m a challenge.”

About the Author...

A devourer of books from an early age, I spent much of my childhood stepping into wardrobes, searching for that magical snowy world where conversing with animals would be expected. When I wasn't searching for those worlds, I wrote about them instead. My first step into the world of romance was when I stole sneak peeks into my nana's books. I'm still in that world and refuse to leave. 

I live in Staffordshire, UK, with my husband and three wonderful children. An avid reader and writer of romance, I strongly believe that words make the world go around.

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    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Tracey! Loved your book and can't wait to read more of your work.