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REVIEW TOUR and GIVEAWAY - MARY'S MEN by Stephanie Beck:

Title: Mary's Men
Series: Prequel to Poppy's Passion
Author: Stephanie Beck
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Erotic Romance/Ménage
Release Date: October 21, 2013
Published by: Beachwalk Press
Pages: Apptox. 177
Format: Ebook
Length: Novel

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Book Blurb:
Three husbands—a dream come true or a pipe dream destined to break them all?

Mary Duncan likes to think she's as open as any modern 1960's woman, but when her boyfriend presents his vision of "family" she finds herself between twin brothers and a cousin—all willing to love her if she'll have them…together.

Loving Thomas and Paul comes easily, the sexy twins everything she'd never hoped to dream. If not for her new mother-in-law, the gossiping townsfolk, and the wall of silence from her own family, Mary would be in Montana heaven. Just as the young group finally start to find their footing with the new relationship, Duane Paraby returns from Vietnam, reluctant to join the relationship, but an integral part Mary refuses to give up.

When confrontation explodes around them, threatening to terminate their bonds before they're even set, Paul, Thomas, and Duane will have to prove they have what it takes to be Mary's men.

Content Warning: Explicit sex...

Reviewers Note: Mary’s Men is an Adult/Erotic Romance written by Stephanie Beck. I received this eARC from the author in exchange for an honest review through Tasty Book Tours.

3 Peace, Love and Lust Stars!
A Story About Breaking Tradition and Finding Unity Outside Conventionalism!

The Review:

This book was a nice way to spend the afternoon. I'm all about the spice but this one also had a great story to go along with the sexy.
Three men and one woman.

Its the 1960’s when the Vietnam war is in full swing and free love and open community are the new wave but living with and being in a relationship with two men, let alone three, is still considered sinful, especially in a small town in Montana where traditionalism is highly valued.

Mary Dawson comes from a polygamist family where she had a father and three mothers all living together with lots of siblings and cousins. And though she loved living in all the wonderful chaos, she hoped for a more traditional lifestyle when she grew up and had her own mate and family. Her mother, recognizing Mary’s wants, dropped her off to live with her aunt when she came of age to enter into marriage, leaving her separated from her close knit family, causing her heartache and loss, which only cemented further that she wanted normal.

When she met and fell in love with Thomas, she hoped her traditional lifestyle would start. But when he confessed his desire for their relationship to be shared between him, his twin brother Paul and their cousin Duane, her hopes for a normal future with Thomas came crumbling down.

Each man has their own reason for wanting to share a woman in their lives, reasons for wanting a united family and reasons why they don't think they can do it individually. When Thomas fears he might lose Mary and the future he can envision them all living, he recruits the help of his twin to come in a persuade Mary into their fold.

Mary has to decide if this is the life for her and if she can handle the recriminations of the small town they will live in.

This book delves deep into what normal is. What one might consider sinful, another might consider the right lifestyle for them. Mary and her men want and need a united togetherness that most can't or won't understand. They each have their reasons and they find comfort, love and unity together. They are happy. They are consenting adults who want to live a certain way. But they have to endure a load of criticism in order to live that happy life they want.

I appreciated this read for what it was. It had great characters and an interesting story. I also really liked the light it shed on soldiers coming home from war during that time. Duane was the most intriguing to me. He was harder and more terse than Thomas or Paul and his story was heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.

I felt the romance as well as the sensual scenes were a bit flat, at least for me. I felt the sex scenes were a rough cut and they could have been more sensual, more titillating. I did enjoy their interactions, their banter and I liked how they conquered their adversity, but I felt the romance was a bit stale.

The Wrap Up:
Even with the “but’s”, I still really enjoyed this read. It was fun, it had some great scenes and it had some interesting characters. I’d read it again.

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About the Author...

Even before she understood what all the thrusting meant, Stephanie Beck loved reading romance. When the stories didn't end the way she wanted, writing her own was the perfect solution. From ridiculous humor to erotica, Stephanie loves being transported within a story.

When she's not elbow deep in words, her husband and three children command her attention. After they are sleeping she knits or bakes cookies…or squeezes in more writing. Stephanie loves to hear from readers.

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