Challenge Accepted!

Challenges I'm Participating In For 2016!

Blog Ahead 2016-Oct

This challenge it's all about getting ahead and giving yourself a blogging buffer.
Goal : The goal is to hunker down for the month of October and increase the number of scheduled posts you have by 30.
Begins-- Oct 1
Ends-- Oct 31
"Herding Cats & Burning Soup" is hosting!
Click here to join!

This will be my second year participating in this challenge which is all about trying something new. A new author, a new genre, a new series, a debut book, etc. If it's a new to me, then it counts, according to the rules of the challenge! Want to participate? Join over at Anna's Herding Cats for "2016 New To You" Reading Challenge! This year, I'm going to set my goal for:
Level 3 (Wading In): 25 books.

Last year, I challenged myself to Level 2 and surpassed it, so I've amped up my challenge this year. ;)

Second Challenge...

This challenge is going to be so much fun! The goal?  "Find out just how naughty are you--when it comes to books, of course! This challenge is all about the naughty and exploring the gloriously kinky world of romance. There's a "pervy" checklist and the goal is to work your way through as many as possible during the year."

Want to participate? Join over at Anna's Herding Cats for "2016 Pervy Girl Challenge" Reading Challenge! I'm setting my goal for:

Level 3 (Is it getting hot in here?): 24 books.

Third Challenge...

I'll be participating in the Goodreads Challenge again in 2016. I'll post links when I have it all set up.

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